I've been looking around the forum a lot this morning, and it seems like a thread like this might be needed.

I'm still here. I'm going to continue to still be here on the site. I have not lost any respect for Andrei. I'm going to continue to be a huge fan.

You too? Good. Reply with "I'm still here" then. No negativity, no "I'm still here, but..." or "I'm still here, even though..." None of that! We need a thread that's pure support, nothing else. I'm sure Andrei's down on himself enough without extra criticism. Let's show him we still support him!

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F**king Right Im Still Here Onward To Victory!
I´m still here, but... :) I´m happy to be here!
I'm here as wit's too much of a distraction. Change up training with another camp. Too much of the same and there is noell. Forget about the pro boxing, longer any growth.
Rick, no defeating the purpose of this. No advice, no "what should Andrei do differently/better" Just whether or not you're still here :)
Always.. I am still here. Always.
Faithful Pit Bull fan, right here.
Im still here too Andrei.Just keep your head up and fight another day.Your REAL fans will ALWAYS be here!!!!!!!
I'm still here and always be here. You are the man and I belive it. I hope to see you become a champ again, I know you can. In life we always falldown more the once but we can always get up and start again with a little help. What im trying to say is that is time to shake it off and be hungry again Pitbull. My english is not very good but i hope you understand me. Desde Puerto Rico te queremos . We love you.
disappointed but, he can do this, get your mind into the game, be humble and get that fire u use 2 have when u was knockin out freeman,cabbage, sylvia, gotta get that desire back, i saw ur face when McCarthy was talkin to u, u seemed like ur heart wasnt in it, get that focus back, that intensity, train with all ur heart
My idea for this thread was for it to be the thread Andrei could look at if he needed a reminded of how great his fans are, without any "Andrei should do this, Andrei didn't do this..." There's plenty of other threads that have turned into that. Let's keep this one pure support! :)
I'm still here Andrei & will always be behind you 100% in whatever you choose to do. I think you've got great fans Andrei because you are such a great person and I'm proud to be a fan of yours!
Im still here too


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