Hey Pit Bull fans! It is time again for another live video chat with Andrei, and his marketing guru, Keith Gelman. Submit your questions here for Eric in advance of the May 1st chat date so he can compile them for Andrei.

Keith, what is the toughest part about marketing an MMA fighter, be it Andrei or anyone else?

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DAMMIT! I finally find someone with whom I have a common interest (marketing and advertising)...and he goes on vacation! Oh well! LOL

Eric, what was the impetus for redesigning Andrei's website?
Question for Andrei.

I know you have been asked this a lot lately and you did post something on the new site regarding diet, but after hearing you talk about the intensity of the training at Jackson's and how exhausted you have been, I have to believe that you are not just relying on steak, eggs, and veggies to prepare for this fight. I have been researching MMA fighters and their diets and most of them seem to be pretty scientific and exacting about what they eat.

For instance, Randy Couture eats an Alkaline based diet that he says helps him recover from his training faster. He also says he drinks "Greens Powder" every day. Faber, Sonnen, GSP, Carwin, ,,, all these guys are really into certain foods, drinks, and supplements.

Do you do anything? I don't see how you can keep up with such demanding cardio workouts and expect to perform while on a low carb diet.
Hey Claymor! I don't think it is a low carb diet. Eric did answer in another discussion for the new website that so many things go into Andrei's diet that constantly change that they tried to focus on just the staples.
I heard him say that too. I guess I am really interested to know what those "so many things" that go into his diet are.
Andrei have you been working on your defense? That's the only h*** I see in your game.
Aleksandar, can you elaborate on what you mean by defense? Do you mean take down defense or ground defense? I think Andrei has one of the best sprawls out there. He is known for being very hard to take down. But I agree that his ground defense has been a weakness. I watched the Roy Nelson fight again recently and at one point Roy had that big belly on him and seemed to be controlling him but fortunatly for Andrei, he ran out of time. What I did notice was that Andrei seemed to be offering no defense or viable attempt to improve his position.

I do hope he answers this question in some detail. In the blogs from Greg Jackson's he has been saying they have been working on "some situations" that include what to do if he finds himself on the bottom.
Question for Andrei:

Hi Andrei...

When you are not preparing for a fight, what weight do you normally walk around at?
Also would you ever consider dropping down in weight, to fight in another division?

Thank You

Eric Keep up the great work
Hi James. Just to respond to part of your question in case you didn't know from previous chats; Andrei has been asked about dropping down to Lt HW several times. The answer is that there would be no way to do that as he is lean already at 235. He began his UFC debut at 260. He is about 20 to 30 lbs lighter now and another 30 lbs drop would make him weaker.

Just so's you know. :-)
Thanks Claymor
claymor-what do you walk around at in the morning? and what about at night before you go to bed?? but andrei- you mentioned in a chat about taking dance classes, i think that would help your footwork some, as quick as you are , being more fluid will make you even harder to hit because i notice when you are under pressure you seem to back up alot, work on that side to side movement and what is your opinion on the possible werdum/fedor fight since you fought both????
Chris - not sure what your question was regarding walking around in the morning. I usually walk around in my bathrobe...JK If you mean weight, I'm 6' and 205 currently. I am dropping weight though. I have lost 20 since the first of April and have a goal for 185 which is what I weighed up until about 6 yrs ago. I started following the Alkaline diet when I read about it on Randy Couture's site and have been amazed at the results.

I'm an RN with 13 yrs of ER and CVICU experience and since November of last year have been doing Cardiovascular education. I teach classes to people who are about to have bypass or valve surgery and then a lifestyle / risk factor management / medication class before they leave the hospital, so I do a lot of research on diet as it relates to cardiovascular health.


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