It happens in this game, but who was ready for it? Not me! Better luck in the next one!

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Good point. I didn't know anything about Rogers before this fight. Already this win over Andrei is being used as a platform to judge how good of a fighter he is. For me he's going to have to show a little more and pay his dues to be worthy of the respect that its seems he is already getting. I'm sure a rematch would render a different outcome.
I also agree that until we see some longevity and some wins from guys like Rogers, (and dare I say Lesnar?) I think they have no place even being considered for the top ten. As far as I’m concerned, with such an unproven record, I'd have to say that I cant view this fight as anything but a fluke! I’m not taking the victory away from Rogers. Just saying that until he proves himself, his victory over AA will be nothing more than luck being on his side that night to me.

I shot an email to Andrei asking about why they don't mention Sambo as on of his styles too.
No, I don't think youre wrong. Honestly I understanding the ranking process pretty well, but I dont know how they can justify even considering someone for a title shot with a 3-1 record much less rank them in the top of the class. Lesnar is well known (mostly thanks to professional wrestling) I know, but it just seems like a marketing move in a talent poor weight division if the guy can rise to the top with only three fights. What ever happened to earning your shot after working your way up the rankings?

No answer from AA yet. He may just post a reply here for the group.
I don't think you can really judge the abillity of either fighter when there is a knockout within the first 30 seconds (well other than Silvia/Emelianenko). S*** happens. There are always freak occurances that will come up or tiny mistakes that will take place before the feeling out process.


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